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Well, this episode of the podcast is a bit of a divergence from the norm; although regular listeners may be used to that by now. To start off with, I was fired (laid off, same thing) from my job in radio. 15 years I worked for Clear Channel/iHeartMedia/Total Traffic and Weather Networks came to an end last week. We used to joke about how I had 9 lives in the radio biz because I managed to dodge getting fired for so long, well, looks like I may have hit my last one.
My buddy Steven Richard K, formerly of the sketch group Mister Bismuth (we’ll get into that), knew I was sitting alone at home moping, so he decided to swing by for an impromptu podcast and motivational speech. This podcast is mostly a focus on me and is a swapcast with SRK, so be sure to head over to his site and listen his intro and give him a nice review.
As for me, I’ll be fine… I think. Stay tuned for that and more interviews with comedians soon.

Music in this episode by my good friends Scott Lester & The Dirty Dottys.

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