#114 Jerry Colonna: Break your Heart and Keep it Open


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Jerry Colonna is the author of Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up, and cofounder of Reboot – a coaching company, which he started along with Ali Schultz, Khalid Halim, and Dan Put.

Before building a successful coaching firm – Jerry was a “Prince of New York” – he co-founded the VC firm Flatiron partners and then ran JP Morgan Partners’. But walked away from it all at the age of 38, wracked with depression. Today he’s a bestselling author, Buddhist, and a sought after coach for the most influential people in business and beyond.

In this podcast we discuss some fascinating parts of Internet history that you may have forgotten – including the first internet newspaper. We speak about the legacy of “Coach” Bill Campbell and how Jerry found himself as a coach to some of the most powerful and famous executives in the world. We also track his harrowing path through depression and suicidal thoughts to a fulfilled life, in which he is transforming the lives of others.

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