SCR Mix Series Vol.28- Titeknots


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Soul Circle Radio Mix Series Vol.28 TITEKNOTS (United Kingdom) @titeknots ?My Story: I started DJing over 20 years ago, beginning with Jungle at the tail end of the UK rave boom and quickly moving on Hip Hop and other downtempo "beats" music. Discovering sample sources lead me towards Funk, Soul and Disco. I got a job in a record store for a few years after I graduated university and that’s when I saved up my money and bought studio gear and began DJing seriously out in clubs. My main love is still Hip Hop, as you can probably hear from my mix - even when mixing other styles like House, I like to cut tracks in quickly, rather than doing smooth blends. Over the years, i’ve released on Ninja Tune, Tru Thoughts, Wah Wah 45s, Sony and many other labels, but now I release on my own label - Press Something Play Something. - Titeknots ?We’re in the middle of a hot, dry spell here in the UK. It hasn’t rained properly for over a month, which is very unusual. So I pulled out records for the mix that feel good in the sunshine, but aren’t too hectic, to avoid overheating. It’s grown up party music, leaning heavily towards Disco, but including Hip Hop, Soul and House too. It’s mixed live with 2 turntables, a mixer and a delay unit and then slightly edited afterwards to cut out some of the more repetitive sections of some tracks and get the overall mix length down. Playlist: ?01 Janice McClain - Giving My Love 02 Stezo - Freak The Funk 03 Karen Silver - Nobody Else 04 Diamond D - Confused 05 Charanga 76 - Good Times (Como Vamos A Gozar) 06 How & Why? - Dance! 07 The Untouchables - Lil Louie’s Anthem 08 Michael Sterling - Desperate 09 Daniel Wang - Like Some Dream (I Can’t Stop Dreaming) 10 Tilman - Blow 11 The B.B.Q. Band - On The Beat ? Follow Titeknots @titeknots ?Released 8/1/18

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