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Art and math go together like oil and water…or do they? There might be more in common between these subjects than you think. Today we dip our toes in both areas in this double interview episode. First, explore what makes a true work of art at the Museum of Art Fakes in Vienna, Austria. This small museum displays copies and forgeries of famous works of art from around the world - but the real art is found in the stories that accompany them. Then travel back to the United States to get a better understanding of the incredible role math plays in our lives through the Museum of Mathematics, or MoMath, located in New York City. This interactive, child-friendly museum encourages visitors to see the math in the world around them - and have fun doing it. Our guests are Lydia Sumbera, the Press Employee of the Museum of Art Fakes, and Cindy Lawrence, the Executive Director of MoMath. Also in today’s episode: see if you can ‘spot the fake’ better than the average individual on the street, as we ask random people to identify the correct quote from a series of common misquotes. And take a moment to reflect on how math has influenced your life as members of our Special Collections team share what math has meant to them.

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