Episode 72: Healing with Hypnosis with Grace Smith


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Grace Smith is a hypnotherapist on a mission to make hypnosis mainstream. Healing can come in many different forms, but Grace believes that hypnosis is the fastest and most effective way to get to the root of the issue and come out with immense freedom.
Hypnosis is NOT some sketchy dude standing on stage getting volunteer audience members to cluck like chickens and make an ass out of them selves. Hypnotherapy IS deep healing (either from past life trauma or previous trauma in this life) to quit things, start things, bust through blocks, and gain all the freedom to live your best life. This powerful practice changed Grace's life when she was working in a toxic corporate environment and now she is a crusader and educator of hypnosis.
BONUS: At the end of this enthralling episode, Grace guides us through a short hypnosis to reduce stress and anxiety. Yes, please! Have a listen all the way to the end to get a taste of how hypnosis can impact your life!
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Applications for Grace Space School will temporarily close on Friday, May 31, 2019. If you're a womxn interesting in learning the healing power of hypnosis, get on it!
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