38: SOS LIVE .... With Gráinne Maguire


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Someone let Lou and Sally-Anne out in public! Yes, lock-up yer drink's cabinets, as our tipsy duo decided to invade The London Podcast Festival with SOS LIVE and it turns out many other people were up for, as the audience arrived in their droves (straight from the bar by the sounds of it) and the wonderful Gráinne Maguire also rocked-up with a posh wine for Sally-Anne and Lou to try AND some amazing drunk stories, one involving TVs Kris Marshall, which will have you biting your fingers in agony at.
Come and join Lou and Sally at their next live show featuring Shazia Mirza on 20th October 2021!
Full details and tickets: dice.fm/event/8wdl2-spit-or-swallow-live-20th-oct-covent-garden-studios-london-tickets

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