Rachel Hill on Overcoming Anxiety to Become a Happy ExPat Influencer Living in South Africa


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When the Corporate America experience no longer works for you, what do you do? Mash on life's emergency brakes and backpack through Southeast Asia naturally right? Well that's just what Rachel Hill of RachelTravels did and for her, the gamble turned out to be the right move. From six figure salary earner living in posh apartments in New York then Philadelphia to world traveler, accidental travelpreneur and influencer Rachel shares her unexpected startup story that arguably began with being diagnosed with anxiety disorder and depression. With her backpack (and I imagine a map) in hand, Rachel sought answers to the burning question this podcast continues to pursue...."what does my fulfilled life look life"?

In this episode Rachel and I talk about her travel experiences, new life as an expat living in South Africa, getting past her embarrassment to seek therapy, working with brands seeking multicultural influencer collaborations, helping future travel industry influencers break into the industry and her unwillingness to not try among other topics. If you are interested in leaving your job to create a more fulfilling version of your life and start a business, you'll learn a lot from Rachel's story and conversation with host Charlene Sanders. Enjoy this episode!

P.S. If you've heard that done is better than perfect, please keep this in mind as we did experience a bit of audio quality issues at times while conducting the interview on the go. If you are REALLY tuned in, you'll barely notice it. Hey at least I'm honest!

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