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Any student can invent.
Any student can engineer.
Any student can make a difference.

Project Invent is a nonprofit organization that trains high school educators in design thinking, engineering, and entrepreneurship. After their training, educators use their knowledge to empower high school students to invent new technologies for social good.
Project Invent empowers students with the 21st-century skills to succeed individually and impact globally, through invention. Their goal is to create a generation of fearless, compassionate problem solvers.

For example, one of the Project Invent teams invented a belt for a blind man in their community. After hearing about the dangers he faces when walking along the sidewalk, the students created a belt that warned him when we began to veer.
Project Invent founder Connie Liu created Project Invent after using her MIT engineering degree in the classroom. She was recently named to Forbes' 30 Under 30 list of education leaders!

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