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Famous for seeing energy as accurately as scientific equipment, and his ability to teach anybody to affect biology , so strongly the electrical, photonic, ionic &blood microcapillary activity shows up on equipment both in front of hundreds &under double blind conditions...Steven Michael King of &"Steven Michael King Presents the Best in the world" and www.strategicconsultant.orgshares with you how to use energy in daily life, develop &use psychic abilities &in this show, shares the subtle energy mandalas that together with the free audio's, help activate your abilities....Steven will take calls & Q&A and...if you can have a bowl of salt water, a candle &some incense, will demonstrate how easy it is to move things from a distance...and tonight, even though he has only don’t this with folks one on one over the phone, Yahoo instant Messenger of Skype instant messenger, he will if callers have candles & you how to bend flames &manipulate the smoke ....he will also describe how without any cash, you can earn money sharing services &products 4 levels deep, sharing products for pennies on the dollar.! Psychic skills &energy skills can be developed by all, &used in daily life by all, as the free audios do when you go to We will have the chat room open and will take questions from chat room as well. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO SHARE THIS LINK &LINKS TO HIS SITE-STEVEN ASKS &PRAYS THAT THE GREAT POSITIVE KARMA GENERATED BY YOUR POSITIVE COMMENTS, LIKES &SHARES, COMES BACK TO YOU MANY FOLD &THAT YOU &YOURS ,BE DIVINELY BLESSED! When you go to the website, you’ll see the first dozen or so, of hundreds of Subtle Energy Mandalas. In low resolution (100dpi) for ten bucks a month, you get more than 50 high resolution images (1200dpi) and audio libraries worth thousands, and conference calls, webinars &more!

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