SSU-050 - Chemtrails & Alzheimer's - Professor Chris Exley


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Professor Chris Exley, PhD, has studied the toxicity of aluminum for 34 years and says it would be "monumentally stupid" to spray the skies with alumina nanoparticles as geoengineer David Keith has proposed. Group leader of the Bioinorganic Chemistry Laboratory at Keele University, UK, Dr. Exley is the world's leading expert on aluminum toxicity - and specifically how it causes Alzheimer's disease. Alumina nanoparticles in the air can quickly access our brains by entering the hippocampus, and particles less than 100 nanometers can cross directly into cells - and reach the nucleus - without any help. He explains how alumina slowly dissolves inside our bodies, releasing highly poisonous Al3+. When it reaches a certain point, cells kill themselves (programmed cell death, or apoptosis) and this is the mechanism of Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's has been the number one cause of death in the UK for the past two years. He has also proved that iron - which alongside aluminum is also being found in high concentrations in rainwater - magnifies the oxidative stress on neurons by a factor of ten, accelerating the progression of the disease. He said we can protect ourselves from aluminum toxicity by regularly drinking water rich in silicic acid, such as Fiji Water.

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