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Hey everyone, I'm Geoff. Aspiring comedian, podcaster, all around entertainer, so obviously I'm a giant asshole. Just kidding, I'm a nice person but bio's are dumb and it's impossible to talk about yourself without sounding like a pretentious douche. However thats not the point, what the fuck is the "S.O.K. Network"? S.O.K. Network is name of my "production company", if you can call it that. I will use this name to put out all future content. Including podcasts, video productions, and live events. For more information on both myself and the S.O.K. Network visit or both will take you to my website. I am currently working on two separate podcasts that will both be posted through this Soundcloud channel. Those are "Talk the Walk", and "The World we Live in". The shows will be separated by playlists and descriptions of those are below. Anyone who has been following us thus far I sincerely thank you. Email's regarding podcast content can be sent to: Contact Geoff at: Shows in the works: Talk The Walk: (comedy/sports) Comedians Geoff Warner and Dustin Slentz talk life, sports, comedy, really what ever the fuck they want to talk about. New episodes are recorded Friday nights and posted that following Monday. The World We Live In:(news/current events) Geoff Warner covers news, politics, current events, and anything else he find interesting. New episodes are posted Wednesdays.

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