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Attorney Leslie Perez Perez was born and raised in Cuba and came to the United States at the age of 24. She was an attorney in Cuba; however, due to the government's complete disregard for human rights, She was forced to abandon my roots in search of a better judicial system. Within 5 years in the United States, she was admitted as an attorney in the State of Florida.

In 2017, Lisbet Velazquez, Esq. (also a born and raised Cuban) and her founded their firm, VPP LAW FIRM. As they both understand first-hand the challenges that come with the language barrier they are very passionate to advocate for those who don’t clearly understand their rights. Our doors remain open for those in need of legal representation.

Currently, Attorney Leslie Perez Perez continues to expand their law firm. Specifically, she specializes in real estate law, contract law, and civil litigation defense. Attorney Leslie Perez Perez has been able to successfully help clients not only buy the home of their dreams but also refinance. Call her at (305) 549-8280 or find VPP Law Firm on Instagram and Facebook, you will not regret it!

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