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Norma Sepulveda received her J.D. from The Thurgood Marshall School of Law and was licensed by the State of Texas in 2010 and licensed in the Southern District of Texas in 2011. Norma also serves on AILA’s Southern Border Taskforce and serves as AILA’s EOIR liaison in South Texas.

Norma Sepulveda has been practicing primarily immigration and criminal defense since 2010. In 2011, Norma opened The Law Office of Norma Sepulveda, PLLC in Harlingen, TX and since then has been its principal attorney. She chose to open her firm right on the border, where it can have the greatest impact in defensive immigration. The Law Office of Norma Sepulveda is committed to serving the immigrant community in Texas and all over the U.S. by offering expert, highly personalized immigration and criminal defense.

Whenever she is not working, Norma loves spending time with her husband of nearly 20 years and their two boys.

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