Yasmín Hernández: Rematriation


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Join me in this remarkable conversation with Artist Yasmín Hernández. Listen in as this artist gracefully articulates a core Latinx experience often felt but unspoken. Throughout our talk Yasmin offers a vocabulary to address her personal truths that resonate beyond her own personal journey into broader cultural and historic narrative. The artist also speaks about rematriating into her ancestral island of Boriken. Hear about the realities of leaving behind the amenities of New York City for a deeper connection to the ideas of “Womb” as home. Lean in, you will want to listen to this conversation!

Stay tuned for the upcoming conversation with Yeasmín in Spanish our ongoing Latinx series later this summer.

Follow the artist on Instagram: @yasminhernandezart

Visit the artist's website: YasminHernandezart.com

Watch her compelling vlog: Seven Years Rematriating

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