Surviving Justice: Realities of Reporting Rape explicit


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Why report rape through a criminal procedure when there's a 95% chance that the rapist will never even be arrested, and less than a 1% chance than the rapist will be convicted? Why report rape when your rapist will hire a P.I. to intimidate and harass you through the process? Why report rape when your detective will refer to a strangulation mark on your neck as a hickey? Why report rape when you'll be met with a culture of hostility and disbelief, and be blamed at every turn for what someone else did to you?--------------------------------------------------This podcast walks listeners through the realities of reporting rape, from start to finish throughout the process: the moment of the crime itself, the decision to report or not, the SANE exam, the initial patrol contact, the interviews with a detective, the subsequent investigation or lack thereof, the nearly inevitable declination of bringing charges forward, and the reasons why the survivor is often left further victimized by the system while the rapist walks free.--------------------------------------------------Hear from survivors, civil attorneys, prosecutors, detectives both retired and not, national organizations dedicated to ending sexual violence, victim advocates, psychologists and more to gain an understanding of why the system doesn't work, what's being done to address it, and what can be done to best support survivors of sexual assault.Go to to share your story.

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