Sustaining Sport


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Competitive sport is one of the great joys of the human condition for athletes and spectators alike. It brings happiness, livelihood, and physical health and provides an education in teamwork, discipline, maturity, and humility. But for this to continue, sports around the world must acknowledge challenges both current and future and both internal and external. Then, steps must be taken to overcome what faces them, or risk losing what so many people hold so dear. But what are the challenges and what steps can be taken? This podcast seeks to address exactly that! We will review everything from sexism in sport, sport’s role climate change, racisms, gambling addiction, mental health, the list goes on and on! We will also discuss potential remedies and look at how we as individuals can make a difference. It begins with a conversation. It may lead to raising awareness, crowdfunding, even impact investing. And hopefully, it will end with meaningful change. Please remember the views expressed in this podcast may no longer be current when you hear them, and should not be considered a recommendation for any particular investment. If you are unsure about the appropriateness of an investment you should consult an authorised financial adviser. Contact:

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