Holidays and Hoops


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ANNOUNCEMENT! Suzi and Don reached out to past guests to ask if they would be interested in partaking in a SwissPats Holiday Giveaway for the listeners. And boy did they respond. Listen to find out a bit more on the Holiday Giveaway and stay tuned to our social media channels for all the amazing offers throughout this holiday season.

This week's guest, Ina Nicosia-Schelker, came to Switzerland as a professional basketball player. After retiring from playing, she dove into the education scene and has since founded Kids Camp International. The Oberwill-based bilingual international school is the only school in Switzerland where children get music and sport lessons daily.

Suzi and Don also discuss three Swiss Christmas traditions you should know about and a new Swiss Franc coin that features a "depiction" of tennis great Roger Federer. Listen to find out why "picture" is in quotations.

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