S3E30 - Funny French Man enters the Chat!


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Suzi and Gary travelled to Zurich to interview the ever hilarious Benjamin Delahaye, who is a comedian based in Zurich. Juggling with marriage, two children, comedy gigs, a full-time job and heavy partying, Ben still believes he can have it all. His comedy will make you realize that all the stereotypes you hold about French people are not only true but also worse than you thought. He has performed all over Switzerland, in his home country France, in Los Angeles at the Comedy Store, in Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, Amsterdam, the UK & Australia. He also published a children's book on Kindle under the pen name "Isaac Cocci"

Ben had us in stitches the whole time, and it was a shame to end the interview! Check out Ben's work at @comediesuisse and watch his youtube quarantine project at onlinecomedyshow.com @online.comedyshow

Gary and Suzi also discuss some interesting things happening in Switzerland, like mandatory masks in Basel from the 24th August, and the possibility for fathers to enjoy time off when they welcome a newborn to their family.


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