S3E32 - Chocolate Lovers Unite! For Britta and her vegan friendly treats from Kürzi Kakao


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Britta joins Gary and Suzi in Zurich, hometown of Kürzi Kakao, to discuss her journey from the USA to Switzerland, and how she got into the competitive but exciting world of Kakao production and her desire to make a sustainable chocolate that is also vegan. As someone who has tasted this delicious choccy, Suzi can assure you it's AWESOME! And Britta was such a great guest, she is even giving away some of her bars! See below for details. One last thing... American listeners overseas... Don't forget to VOTE!

NOTE: APOLOGIES for the sound quality at the beginning of the podcast - Gary and I haven't recorded for a few weeks, and we forgot what we were doing! Next time will be much better, we promise!


For your chance to win 3 (Yes, THREE!) bars of delicious Kürzi Kakao, all you have to do is:

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That's it! And the winner will be announced in a week! Prize will be sent within Switzerland.


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