The Barbie Girl who loves to Party... and make people happy


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Grace joined Suzi to discuss her journey from the Philippines to Switzerland... all in the name of love. In the 9 years Grace has been in Switzerland, she has made a name for herself as a woman who really can do anything - she's hosted very successful galas all over the world, including at the Dolder Grand in Zurich. On top of that, Grace runs her own party supply business AND is the owner of the first of its kind in the Philippines - the Hello Kitty House, which brings joy to those that live near the village she grew up in. Grace admits that the chance to follow her dreams is becuase of her wonderful family - both those still living in the Philippines and her Swiss family. To follow Grace's story and see photos from her past events and Hello Kitty house museum, follow the links below. Dont forget to like and subscribe, follow and download! To listen ~~ Don't forget to comment, like and share all of SwissPats social media. To leave a review go to our Facebook or iTunes page!

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