Ep 19 Beauty: Time For A Mak-‘eco’-ver


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This week we’re talking about all things beauty. The cosmetic industry is worth around $600bn USD globally and has a huge impact on the planet - from the packaging to the use of palm oil, water and animal testing. Even for a small product like lipstick or facial scrub, the impact can be relatively big.

We talk about the impacts of cosmetics on the planet and some of our personal challenges with cleaning up our beauty acts. We also explore what beauty brands are doing to tackle their impacts and some ‘quick-wins’ for you to try at home...

We even have a CHALLENGE especially for YOU! Switch something up for an alternative for one week and let us know how you get on. Whether it’s recycling your bathroom waste, buying a shampoo bar or something else, we want to know how you go.

We also talk about some of your ‘switch on’ and ‘switch off’ moments from the past week. Thank you so much for sharing them with us, we always find it interesting and useful - keep them coming!
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