Table Manners for Robots


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Technology enthusiast and Microsoft veteran Kerushan Govender hosts a fun and engaging show about tech in the workplace. Using a precision questioning style, Kerushan unearths quick ways to bring out the best in everyone. At the end of the day, we want a world of X-Men where each person has the opportunity to show their specific superpower. How can we use tech as an enabler of human performance? What basic and doable steps can we take in day-to-day work that unleashes greatness? The show lines up an impressive array of guests. The primary goal is to engage in a rich technology conversation in a very human way. We never let go of the ideal that the sole purpose of tech is to bring out the best in people. We don't like theorists and insist on guests who are relevant, practical and in-touch. As much as the show is about "serious stuff" no opportunity for a bit of fun is missed. Who is going to say no to a quick opportunity to escape the mundane on a Wednesday morning? Visit for more information. Kerushan is also the founder of South African headquartered Blacfox Enterprises (

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