Ep. 056 - Hike That Baby To Me // Matt Overton


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Matt Overton has spent most of his professional life with his head between his legs. That’s kind of the job description for an NFL long snapper.

But an 8-year NFL career, including a 2013 Pro Bowl selection, didn’t come easy. From failing to make a highly competitive youth football team at just 7 years old to his first NFL training camp experience lasting all of 3 days, Matt has fought for this every step of the way. Now newly married (to Breanna, a former Colts cheerleader he swears was the one chasing him) with his first child on the way, he talks with Beav about looking forward to fatherhood, what’s next in his career, and the type of legacy he wants to leave.

Hear it all on this week’s episode of the Tactical Baby Gear® podcast!

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