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Do you run an open-source project? Does it seem like you never have enough time to support it? Have you considered starting one but are unsure you can commit to it? It's a real challenge.
On this episode, we welcome back Philip Guo, who has been a solo maintainer of the very popular PythonTutor.com project for over 10 years. He has some non-traditional advice to keep your sanity and keep your project going while holding down a busy full-time job.
Links from the show
Philip on Twitter: @pgbovine
Python Tutor: pythontutor.com
Philip's website: pgbovine.net
Python Tutor on github: github.com
Dismissing Python Garbage Collection at Instagram: instagram-engineering.com
Threshold Concepts in Computer Programming: blogs.kcl.ac.uk
SageMath: sagemath.org

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