Ep.26 - With summer but a week away (although you'd think we're already there with the weather we've been having!) Lucy and Saul muse on some of their favourite summer events in the garden that they are really looking forward too...


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Lucy and Saul are fully aware that the world has taken a monumental shift - the Coronavirus outbreak has left our little bit of the world in Horticulture reeling both personally and professionally. So we both decided that instead of our longer format episodes every 3 weeks or so - we going to record shorter podcasts, through the week, to bring you a slice of our lives at East Donyland Hall and Stonelands and beyond - trying to bring a little bit of spring and sunshine to your eardrums.
Summer is but a hairs-breadth away in the calendar and for both Head Gardeners, Lucy and Saul really look forward to an abundance of growth, produce and life that happens during the summer months. Both Veggies and Exotic plants now take centre stage and the pair couldn't be happier, so they chat about what they are looking forward to, have a small reflection on the RHS Virtual Chelsea Flower Show and give their nose's a good work out with all the floral scents.
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