Tea with the Changemakers


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Fed up of listening to people who only care about making money? Tea with the changemakers is a weekly podcast for changemakers by changemakers. Hear from people starting and growing GOOD businesses – the kind that care about people, planet and profit – and hear from leaders and lawmakers who want to bring about positive social change. Every week we feature a new guest who has made a difference in work or life. Hear how injustice led one person to demand a change in the law, how anger on plastic waste started a business and how a request for help turned into a social movement. Every week we interview the brave, the passionate and the fearless people taking a stand and challenging the status-quo. From activists and campaigners to socially responsible business owners and entrepreneurs, we’re providing a platform for passionate and progressive people! Get the kettle on, get inspired and be the change. Join Kelly and Andy for a cup of positivi-tea every Tuesday. Tea with the Changemakers is produced by Max at Social Change UK.

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