"It's Easy to Start but Very Hard to Finish Strong" - Marketing Founders


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Amy Tom chats to Gil Allouche (CEO of metadata.io) and Tom Coburn (CEO of Jebbit) about starting a marketing data company. They chat about how they each started their companies, the mutual challenges they face, and give advice on growing a company. 💯

On this episode of the HackerNoon Podcast:

  • What was Gil's very first job? (00:56) And Tom's? 👶 (02:30)
  • Why didn't Tom pursue a medical career after school? 🚑 (06:48)
  • How did Gil start metadata? (10:00) And how did Gil grow his company? 👷‍♂️ (15:03)
  • When is the right time to pivot your business? 🛋 (17:50) And how do you know when things aren't working out? (19:47)
  • What are some business scalability challenges marketing founders face? 📈 (21:00)
  • If Tom knew what he was getting into 10 years ago, would he still have started Jebbit? 🧐(28:00)
  • Is reiteration just part of the entrepreneurship game? 🔁 (35:00)
  • What is Tom's #1 piece of advice for a first-time entrepreneur? (39:07) And Gil's? 🙏🏻 (40:35)

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