Episode 50: Teachers in the Movies - Fast Times at Richmond High


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It's time for an analysis of a teacher in the movies, and it's 'Fast Times at Richmond High' this time around. And our fantastic teacher is Mr Hand, whose first words we hear are "Aloha. I am Mr. Hand." Pretty cool, huh? If you haven't met Mr. Hand, let Evets and Yort lead you through the intricate pedagogy of this teacher at Richmond High, as seen through the lens of a bunch of teens. He is a fascinating teacher, and this is a fascinating school, and only one podcast doesn't allow these two pod wafflers to fully explore the depth and breadth of what he has to offer his poor classroom. Spoiler alert - Mr. Hand is liked by TEFLWaffle, in spite of his interesting foibles. And who the heck was the weird kid who obeys Hand's finger snapping? And how in the world did he manage to get kids to obey him at a snap of the fingers? (Yes, that literally happens!)

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