001. Google Cloud vs Amazon AWS


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Hi listeners! Welcome back to a new episode of The 4Geeks Podcast. In this occasion we face Google Cloud and Amazon AWS, its services, security, easy-to-learn, costs, and much more.
Both platforms are doing a great job to power up business around the world. So, Google Cloud or Amazon AWS? What’s the best to host and run my product? Hope you can enjoy this conversation and share with us your thoughts.
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Hosts: Allan Porras and Sergio Monge.
Sergio Monge: Hello everyone! and welcome to another episode here at 4Geeks podcast. Today we are going to talk about a really nice topic it’s a comparison actually. Well, maybe we can go through the difference between Google Cloud and AWS. With me is Allan. Allan is the CEO at 4Geeks. How are you?
Allan Porras: Hey Sergio! Hi guys!, thanks for listening this new episode on The 4Geeks Podcast. That’s right, that’s right. Today we talk about how Google deals with Amazon Web Services and how Amazon Web Services deals with Google Cloud and maybe we can talk, Sergio, about the UX; maybe about the pricing that is very important point for some projects and startups, and products, and security, that is a very important point. So, you are the techie guy. Let’s start.
Sergio Monge: Yeah! But first let me know how can I listen this podcast or how can I follow this episodes in my account or how does it work.
Allan Porras: Yeah! It’s very easy. You can find this episode in https://4geeks.io/podcast in the website or you can find us on iTunes, iVox, and TuneIn. Just download the app for your iPhone or for your Android, and subscribe it, and that’s it.
Sergio Monge: Ok! Perfect. So you have it. Today we’re recording this podcast from Costa Rica, from the 4Geeks offices. We deliver our amazing products here at this office, so let’s go ahead and talk about the UX and the UI experience for Google.
Allan Porras: What do you think about that? What do you think about the UX? I think Google personally, I think Google is making a huge huge work in the UX area, you know. What do you think about that?
Sergio Monge: Yeah! I completely agree with you. I think Google is more easy to use, it more clean […]
Allan Porras: […] to understand it.
Sergio Monge: […] Yeah! It’s easy to know where you are positioning in. But AWS it’s more complex because they have more product. So first time I felt like lost in there in the UI, but when I arrive to Google to Google Cloud Console it was very easy, very intuitive how to click or where to click. So I think this round (if we can say that) it is for Google because the quantity of features they have is just the right and they put it in a good way that you don’t feel lost you you can go directly on what you need you don’t have to go through a lot of clicks or a lot of submenus to see what you need. In Amazon I think this is more complex. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/the-4geeks-podcast/message

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