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The 7th Rule began when Aron Eisenberg & Cirroc Lofton (Nog & Jake Sisko from Star Trek Deep Space Nine) reunited and teamed up with host Ryan T. Husk in January of 2019 to rewatch and discuss the show we all know and love.
Years later, and after the tragic passing of our brother, Aron Eisenberg, we have continued on, in his name, with in-depth discussions, joined by creators, directors, writers, actors, and Aron's widow, Malissa Longo.
***Pardon our space dust as we are in the process of RELAUNCHING our podcast for the next few weeks. We have remastered all of our episodes and will be adding them all until we resume Season Seven of DS9.***
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Produced by Ryan T. Husk
Audio Remastered by Scott "Gul DuScott" Jensen
Special Thanks to Malissa Longo
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