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The Arun Mehta Show is a topical talk radio show featuring news, politics, entertainment and sports. Featuring various interviews, debate and opinion segments, the show aims to be both an informative and entertaining for all listeners. Arun has covered various subjects including International Politics, Entertainment, Information Technology, Football, Boxing and Professional Wrestling. The show has featured a variety of guests from UK Business Secretary Vince Cable to Hey Arnold! and Dinosaur Train Producer Craig Bartlett. Off the record, he’s also spoken with UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Arun has been a talk radio host since 2007, and has appeared on several radio stations across Greater Manchester. He’s also appeared on online talk radio in New York City. His tough questioning and attention to detail has given him the reputation of being a fierce debater. In 2009, Arun was awarded the Best Regular Non-Music Feature Award by Pure 107.8FM.

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