Activism Through Empathy, Compassion and Thoughtfulness | #AskGaryVee 328 with Jameela Jamil


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Hey Podcast listeners!! Think you’re going to really like this thoughtful AskGaryVee episode with Jameela Jamil. Think you’re going to love the depth of the conversation today, and would love to hear which moment stuck out for you! Tweet me @garyvee (p.s. listen to the end :))

Topics From Today's Episode:

00:30 | Intro

5:10 | Jameelas Childhood

14:15 | Brand | Reputation

16:30 | Judgment of people who don’t know better

18:15 | Who do you compete with?

19:45 | Differing takes on legacy

24:00 | LOL

27:00 | Consuming Comments

28:30 | Learning from your community

29:30 | Touching on Activism

34:00 | When messages hit home

38:00 | Using your platform through impact

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