041: How to Actually Have Fun as a Parent wtih Ange


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In the previous episode, you have learned about the importance of independent play. But do you still hear your child say: "Mom, Dad, play with me!" multiple times that it felt like IT IS AN OBLIGATION to do so? And when you do play with them, it drains the life out of you?

Well, I want to help you be free from this pressure and teach you how to have more fun and bring playfulness into your homes.

So for this episode, we have an awesome guest (and one of my favorite Instagram accounts 😍), Ange, The Singing Parent Coach! She has a background in Performing Arts and has performed all throughout her college days. She brought music into every aspect of her life and ever since she became a mother of two wonderful kids, Ange decided to bring her musicality into parenting.
Make sure to follow her on her social media handles where she shares more tips on how to have fun raising your kids. She's on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. And if you have Tiktok, check her account as well @angedallesandro.
Join me with my 30-Day Play Challenge as well. We are already halfway through it but you can still join!


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