The BanterCast: Episode 0 "Prequel Banter"


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Episode Zero - "Prequel Banter". The show that turned into The Tabbzy & Charltzy Show, also known as the BanterCast.
This podcast was made several months before "Episode 1 - Banterous Introductions" was ever recorded!
To be honest, we thought it was a bit too risqué to unleash on the interwebs, so it's been in an underground bunker for the past year - until now!
In this very special prequel episode the lads:
*Argue over what the podcast should be about.
*Talk about importing curry powder and nuclear weapons.
*Confuse black vans with black men.
*Discuss jiggly homosexuals and world poverty.
*Create new poor-taste TV shows.
*Analyse Ricky Gervais' face.
*Try to comprehend the Top 10 most searched items in the USA.
*Lay into Microsoft's email advertising policies.
*Reminisce about Shane Richie's Daz adverts.

and more!
This Episode of The BanterCast was NOT sponsored at all, honestly - who would've?
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