Episode 54: Instagram, Fatherhood, Creativity, and Five-Year Plans


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Earlier this week, I actually got in a semi-heated Twitter exchange about the role of Instagram in everything that’s going on racially. I was going toe-to-toe with Angelica Mata, who was actually the guest on Episode 21 of this podcast. Anyway, I’m not a big fan of IG broadly, and I think the reason is that when I was on it, I was following the wrong people and brands and I was seeing a bunch of low-context virtue signaling. I’m not on it right now and I can only imagine that’s happening around race issues.

Anyway, my guest on this episode is Kenny, and he’s a creative director who began as a photographer, so we talk about Instagram and its role. We also talk about fatherhood, creativity, five-year plans, and more. We’re gonna dive in talking about concepting and briefs.

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