Ventilation & Virus Transmission Prevention (And Other Topics Too)


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How well do we understand the behavior of the novel coronavirus in our homes? What can we do to make our homes healthier? What is a CERV? These questions open the door to a rich exploration of the role of ventilation in healthy indoor environments. And you’ll be surprised to find how intimately connected ventilation is to a future powered by solar PV. Join Kristof as he interviews Ty Newell in a broad exploration of topics relevant to any building science aficionado.

Ty Newell, PhD, P.E.

Professor Emeritus - University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Engineer/Owner - Build Equinox

After a distinguished career at one of the country’s finest research institutions, Ty is now the owner/engineer at Build Equinox, focused on developing technologies for sustainable, healthy and comfortable living. They are the company responsible for manufacturing the CERV ("serve") smart ventilation system for residences. He’s an all around brainiac and kind soul.

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