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Adam Robinson is the Co-Founder of The Princeton Review, a NY Times Best Selling author, and a US Chess Federation life master. He currently works as a global macro advisor to the heads of some of the world's largest hedge funds through Robinson Global Strategies.
Bill has wanted to interview Adam since he heard Tim Ferris interview Adam at The 92nd St. Y. You can find one of his episodes with Tim Ferris at See also Adam's interview with Shane Parrish at Finally, Adam recently did a 4-hour interview with Kevin and Fred. See
In this episode, Bill follows up on some of the thoughts Adam gave Bill via various interviews.
They start out talking about the concept of "things that are blatantly obvious and those that make no sense." This was one of the first concepts that Adam said where Bill said "wow, that's an interesting way to frame investing thoughts."
Following that conversation, Bill follows up on many of the issues that he's wondered about as he's found as he's listened to Adam. This is a wide-ranging conversation that covers a lot of investing and some life. We hope you enjoy.

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