Episode 253: Liz Kislik | Making Meaningful Change


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‘The changes that work best either percolate up from the actual employees who need them and then there might be a negotiation process with the management, or if they’re coming down, they come down slowly enough with ongoing communication.’

Are you interested in making effective, lasting changes in your organization? Listen to Liz Kislik, a management consultant and executive coach that helps high-performing leaders solve their trickiest problems. She also contributes to the Harvard Business Review and Forbes.

‘It’s very important in any planned change or organizational response to unplanned change to anchor it in the context of where is the company going, what are the company’s purposes, what is the purpose and value of any individual’s work, and therefore what will the change mean to them.’

Liz has worked with many organizations and found that good leadership attentive to its constituents is what drives meaningful and lasting change. Developing leadership character is so important to the success of an organization. Running a team or being a business owner doesn’t automatically make you a leader. Get more of Liz’s thoughts on leadership in this episode.

Learn more about Liz and her work:

Personal website: https://lizkislik.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lizkislik/

TED Talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/liz_kislik_why_there_s_so_much_conflict_at_work_and_what_you_can_do_to_fix_it/transcript

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