#5 The Chirp With Daren Millard Ft Chris Pronger


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Chris Pronger, mean or dirty? He answers the question. Plus he takes me down the path that ends with the answer to why he won just one Norris Trophy. In Episode 5 I ask Chris about all his hardware which gets us into the "puck" controversy from the Philadelphia vs Chicago Stanley Cup Final in 2010. Guess where the pucks from games one and two are? Pronger's relationship with the media talked about at length. (He was honest and proactive, but some felt he went too far) Pronger addresses the most difficult season of his career, and he challenges me to ask great questions. For the first time, we have controversy in first goal - last goal. I am proud of this show, for Pronger always gives you gold, the goal for me was to reveal something I had never heard before. There is plenty of that in Episode 5 of The Chirp with Daren Millard. Don't forget to like, subscribe and rate on DeanBlundell.com, iTunes, Spotify and Google Play

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