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This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes Channel and Angel Intuitive, Michael Andre Ford.

Michael André Ford is an angel intuitive based out of San Antonio, TX.

His unique ability to pull back the Veil means people get to meet, hear & see Angels, spirit guides, and other well-known compassionate figures. Yes, full on!

Michael connects you to yourself and the Universe without a barrier. It has been described as unimaginable work that no man does yet.

As Michael moves energy, you transition out of thinking and into your heart where All is possible. There, you hear, feel and see the beautiful beings that are here to support you on your present journey. There is healing as well.

Michael believes that the greatest form of human compassion is to empower people to get their own answers to their life questions. He shows the way to shift how you exist and see. Michael has published the book "Listening to Angels", which he says was actually written by angels, if you can allow for that.

Tune in for this enlightening conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Opening up this week’s episode, Sam reads and analyzes a section from his book Everyday Awakening. In this section, we explore how important it is to approach life with a beginner’s mindset. When we do this it can be a powerful tool for growth, Sam explains. Next, Sam welcomes and introduces angel intuitive and channel Michael André Ford. They talk about how studies reveal that many people believe in angels, and they speculate why this might be. Michael then briefly brings up how he has a background in business and spent time working with lawyers. Sam announces that we’ll learn how Michael went from his previous career in business to his current career helping others connect with angels when we get back from the break.

Segment 2

Welcoming us back from the break, Sam asks how Michael realized he had a gift. Michael talks about how he worked for a while in business, including on Wall Street, and ended up eventually getting laid off. He talks about how, eventually, he got a camera and ended up attempting to capture photos of balls of light. When he first began being able to pull back the veil, he was very shocked and began asking every intuitive he could what was happening to him. Switching subjects, Michael then talks about how, when you’re passionate about something, there will be obstacles, but that it’s important to “get back on the rock” after being “knocked down by waves” to pursue your passion. Michael then launches into a more detailed examination of his spiritual journey to where he is now.

Segment 3

Returning from the break, Michael answers a question from the audience, making a distinction between angels and spirit guides. Michael talks about how people open up and heal during a session, both emotionally and occasionally physically. He gives some examples of specific experiences he’s had during sessions with clients, including an instance where someone yawned for five hours. Sam asks if anything has really shocked Michael during a session, and Michael thinks before answering generally. Michael then clarifies that the extent of his client’s experience as well as what they see during a session varies from person to person.

Segment 4

Michael explains how angels might be able to help us following the tragedy and difficulties of the pandemic. Next, Michael gives advice for people who want to be more open to connecting with angels. He suggests meditating or going on a walk in nature to practice letting go, because fear is what can hold us back, Michael explains. Sam summarizes Michael’s advice into concise phrases. Next, Michael lets us know that we can reach him at or look on Amazon for his book Listening to Angels.

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