#37 -Stoa The Stoic Meditation App (With Caleb Ontiveros)


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This week I talked to Caleb the creator of Stoa. A meditation app for modern Stoics.

I find it a great tool for Stoics who want to learn more about meditation.

I'd also say it's great for people who meditate, who want to learn more about Stoicism.

If you are already a master of Stoicism and meditation. Maybe recommend it to a friend who is not as awesome as you (yet).

In the interview we discussed:

  • Caleb's introduction to Stoicism.
  • Studying academic philosophy.
  • The creative process.
  • Struggles of creating a meaningful product for an audience.
  • Advice to keep going on your creative projects.
  • How Stoic principles helps us through adversity.

and much, much more! (go grab your popcorn ladies and gentlemen!)

We also talked about the app itself of course.

Support Caleb and check out his amazing app: http://stoameditation.com/

Say hey, drop me an e-mail: santi@santiyounger.com

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