Cops Rage Quit Over Accountability? Rich Parents Scared Of Ziwe! 6.21.21


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In episode 934, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Ever Mainard to discuss more petty police, Charlie Kirk's new scam, Ziwe upsetting white women, Marvel's history of screwing up Black Widow, and more! Plus super producer Anna Hossnieh joins for another Anna's Screening Corner™!


  1. WATCH: David Guetta - ID (Tribute To George Floyd)
  2. Portland police protest response unit resigns following officer's indictment
  3. oh my god
  4. Relief Factor Reviews – New Joint Supplement – Product Review by ProductWorld
  5. 'Dr.' Seb Gorka Has a New Job and It's Sad
  6. CSPI Asks Federal Trade Commission to Take Enforcement Action Against Relief Factor, Maker of Pain Pills Endorsed by Sebastian Gorka
  7. So Relief Factor also signed up other Salem Radio hosts, including Dennis Prager, Larry Elder, Eric Metaxas, and Michael Medved (who was replaced on the network last year by Gorka
  9. Relief Factor Reviews | Does it work or is it SNAKE OlL?
  10. Relief Factor - Better Business Bureau
  11. Manhattan Prep School Apologizes for Showing a Ziwe Clip That Called White Women 'Annoying'
  12. Black Widow Social Media Reactions Praise Surprising & Emotional Film
  13. Scarlett Johansson Criticizes Sexualized Black Widow Portrayal in ‘Iron Man 2’
  14. Marvel’s toy line just erased Black Widow from her own scene in ‘Age of Ultron’
  15. Marvel’s Trump Donor Ex-CEO Is the Reason There Was no Black Widow Merchandise
  16. Avengers: Age of Ultron Stars Under Fire for Calling Scarlett Johansson's Character a 'Slut' and 'Whore'
  17. Black Widow: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things
  19. LISTEN: She Wants To Move (Native Tongues Co.fee remix)

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