Satan And Gen Z vs Texas, Ivermectin is BAD For Sperm? 9.8.21


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In episode 984, Jack and Miles are joined by Cool Zone Media, Hood Politics, and rapper Propaganda to discuss the pushback on the Texas abortion law, unemployment benefits expiring, tent cities becoming a part of our landscape, what Ivermectin can do for sperm, the anti-choice “snitch” website, and more!


  1. Satanic Temple to challenge Texas abortion law citing religious freedoms
  2. Anti-Abortion Snitching Site Keeps Getting Wrecked
  3. Pandemic unemployment benefits just expired. What will families do now?
  4. Tent cities now part of the landscape
  5. Paste Eaters Beware: Ivermectin Is Coming For Your Sperms
  6. A Texas website asked people to snitch on abortions. They got furry porn instead
  7. TikTok Is Using Shrek Porn to Fight an Anti-Abortion Website
  8. TikToker Makes Script to Flood Texas Abortion ‘Whistleblower’ Site With Fake Info
  9. TikToker Devises Wild Scheme to Spam Texas Abortion Snitch Website
  10. Texas Abortion Law 'Whistleblower' Site Crashes After People Spam it With 'Fake Tips'
  11. Tech journalist thinks she's figured out how to shut down the Texas abortion snitch website for good
  12. Here’s How You Can Help Shut Down the Vile Website for Snitching on People Who Get Abortions in Texas
  13. GoDaddy Is Booting A Site That Sought Anonymous Tips About Texas Abortions
  14. Texas anti-abortion tip website gets new home with controversial provider known for neo-Nazi sites
  15. 'Lex Luthor Of The Internet': Meet The Man Keeping Far-Right Websites Alive
  16. LISTEN: Little Simz - Point And Kill ft. Obongjayar (Official Video)

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