Episode #108-Covid Podlet 12: Battleground Selfish


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It’s a beautiful day outside, so you decide to go for a run. Or a hike. Or just a walk around your neighborhood. In this age of Covid precautions and relaxing restrictions, the question is – Do you wear a mask? And if you don’t, are you being “Selfish”?

The answer to that question is the battleground this week. Donna argues that that word – Selfish – is used a lot these days and see it as a judgement word meant to shame and control. Diana takes the high ground arguing that we,all have an obligation to minimize risk for everyone, and that to behave otherwise in public is an irresponsible and selfish act.

Needless to say, the sparks fly (again). Diana is the nice one arguing that wearing a mask is an act of both responsibility and kindness that everyone must share. Donna doesn’t buy into the argument, and argues that setting boundaries for broader social responsibilities vs personal freedoms and leveraging common sense is simply necessary whether politically correct or not.

Join the ruckus in this week’s episode – of The Deeper End.

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