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LGBT Stories
LGBT Stories documents the struggles, hardships, questions, joys, eye-openers and more, that many in the LGBTQI community have faced as they've opened up with the public, their families and most importantly themselves about their true identity, the decision to come out and what life is like today for them.
Politics and culture through an intersectional queer lens. In a post-marriage equality world, the LGBT community is moving into uncharted territory. With an eye on how queer identity intersects with race, gender and all of our other identities, we’re having conversations at the crossroads of queerness and the contemporary world.
Each week on Defining Marriage, hosts Matt Baume and James Morris chat about what's happening with marriage equality, featuring frequent digressions into pop culture, silly banter, and the jokes and quibbles that have kept them together as a couple for over a decade. The first eighteen episodes of the podcast contain the complete audiobook version of the book Defining Marriage, which traces the decades-long evolution of marriage through the personal stories of those who lived through it, fea ...
Tune in for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender news from the writer/editor of, a daily blog reporting on the current news cycle in terms of politics, pop culture and entertainment news of interest to the LGBT community.
The Vision of the show is to become the premier point of contact for lesbians, gays, transgender, bisexuals and parents that may have questions about the lifestyle. We will discuss issues faced every day to include coming out, gender identity, intimate partner violence, suicide prevention, bullying, finance, sex, relationships, love and more. As the premier point of connection, we have a place to learn, educate, contribute, connect, give and receive comfort, empower and foster integrity, cel ...
Can you arrange a list of Rocky Horror actors by age? Do you know who the first queer Nintendo character was? Or what’s in a Sex On My Face cocktail? Play along with Queers, Questions and Cocktails: the Pop Culture Trivia and Cocktail Recipe LGBT Podcast. SHOTS: Five questions that relate to alcohol, cocktails or our drink of the episode; NEWS: Three questions in Queer, Canadian and Cosmopolitan news; WHERE IN THE WORLD: Players guess which country we're looking for from facts and tidbits; P ...
Pink Mafia LGBT is a light hearted show featuring chat, news, views and reviews aimed at the lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender and straight community alike. An international endeavour Produced by Edward Mark Fitzgerald on behalf of Cork City Community Radio, Ireland. If you like us, search Pink Mafia LGBT on Facebook or tweet us on @pinkmafialgbt or mail - we'd love to hear from you.
The LGBT Update focuses on educating, informing and updating the LGBT community on issues that matter to us. With The LGBT Update, we will present a platform to help truly showcase the love, the strength and the talent within our thriving community. We will primarily focuses on presenting productive content, that will help energize the LGBT movement and properly inform our allies.
This is StudCorner with Chris and J Sessh. Enjoy us as two young African American lesbians giving our perspective on hot topics and general community issues including lifestyle, music, current events, lgbtqiap issues, crazy stories and more. Hope we earn a 5 star rating!
Rated LGBT Radio
Rob Watson hosts an engaged hour of lively conversation on a variety of topics involving the LGBT community.
Just your traditional lesbian couple next-door. Born & raised in Hawaii, now living in the Pacific Northwest. We try to keep it uplifting, entertaining, and educational around here for the gay, lesbian, and lgbt community. We're fans of positive spirituality, vegetarian and raw vegan living (green juice!), holistic health, and always striving to be the best we can be for ourselves, our partners (yes we are), and the world. Love Life Live Free
Oxford LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) History Month Lectures
"Always Here" is an LGBT history podcast hosted by Miri Josephs and Adrian Webster. Join us twice a month to learn about the history they don't teach in school.
LeGaL LGBT Podcast
Featuring lively discussion of the latest legal news affecting the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community here and abroad. Interviews with LGBTQ lawyers, policy wonks and activists. Our monthly LGBT Law Notes episode with Professor Art Leonard digs into three of the most important new LGBT civil rights rulings. Eric Lesh, executive director of the LGBT Bar of NY hosts.
Molly Richardson and Kim Trumbo share weekly conversations and interviews covering LGBT related news and popular culture on the Ok 2 Be LGBT podcast.
As one of the top websites for LGBT+ content, The Girl Crowd explores the minds of creative people in the community - from filmmakers, writers, singers, YouTubers to Hollywood directors.
Acknowledging, honoring, restoring benefits, and renewing dignity to all LGBT Veterans who served
LGBT Trans Ohio
Podcast by LGBT (Trans) Ohio
The Roxy Report Podcast is Hosted By Roxy Clark, Professional Idiot and Transgender Woman! From News of Transgender fish to What the LGBT is up to this week Join Roxy as we delve into the more humorous side of the LGBT Community!This Podcast was created using
Aida and weekly Guest Co-Hosts Chat about the LGBT Community, it's issues, concerns and everything else in between. It's great to hear the perspectives of different people from all walks of life sharing relevant concerns and experiences. Music by
An amateur historian with a fully stocked bar and a boundless curiosity.
The Umbrella Podcast is devoted to diverse members of the LGBT+ community gathering to talk about a wide range of intersectional, complex issues facing us, internally and externally.
Talk about my point of view of LGBT issues and relationship issues.
LGBT Youth Northwest
This is the official podcast channel of LGBT Youth North West.
Haaaay Qween! Jonny McGovern - comedian, underground pop superstar, TV personality, and nightlife legend brings you The Gayest Podcast Of All Time! Coming to you from Hollywood, Jonny and his rotating crew of hilarious homohomies bring you cutting edge comedy, celebrity bulllllshit, sex talk, new music and NSFW fun Gay Pimp style! Subscribe now to get the new episodes automatically! Plus all 9 years of yer fave Gay Pimpin' NYC/LA episodes are still available for download in the archive below!
spotlighting queer (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Questioning & Allied) musicians and bands.
Kathy Baldock and Yvette Scheider discuss the sections of the book "Walking the Bridgeless Canyon" and cover The History of Cultural and Religious Discrimination of the LGBT Community in America
Complete Drivel
My name's Christian. I'm 30, gay and usually like to talk about shit that pisses me off as well as general observations.
Examine issues, explore culture and join discussions on the latest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender news that matters most to the LGBT community. A SpokenEdition transforms written content into human-read audio you can listen to anywhere. It's perfect for times when you can't read - while driving, at the gym, doing chores, etc. Find more at
Pop Queer-ies
Pop Queer-ies is a podcast that explores the place of queer identities and feminism in pop culture media. This podcast is hosted by two queer Canadian women, Justine and Gwen.
LGBT (Trans) Ohio
New podcast weblog
Now in it's 25th year of publishing, Quest reports on events, music, movies theatre and lifestyle as it relates to the LGBT and alternative communities.
The Empty Closet
Andrew and Sam throw open the doors and air out The Empty Closet every week on 101.9 Coast FM. This is the place to talk about relationships, coming out stories, health and wellbeing for our GLBTI community in the far north.
Slinging The Poo, So You Don't Have To!
Join Julie Goldman (the gay) and Brandy Howard (the dumbass) as they dissect this week's political news. The podcast with lots of feelings, and very few facts. New episodes every Tuesday!
Exploring the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Mormon experience through stories.
The Tenth Voice
This podcast tracks the audio archives for “The Tenth Voice” radio show. The Tenth Voice is the Kansas City area’s only weekly broadcast created by and for LGBTQIA people in our community in the Greater Kansas City area and around the world online.
Join two fans of RuPaul's Drag Race as they breakdown and analyze each new episode with the same level of scrutiny usually reserved for major sporting events, supreme court decisions and Presidential tweets. Irreverent, smart, and hilarious, Joe and Taylor will satisfy your craving to eavesdrop on two lonely and sad gay friends with nothing better to do than critique the contestants on their favorite reality show.
LGBTQIA+ individuals tell their stories about faith, community, and the divine, hosted by Greg Thompson.
Lesbian romance stories brought to you as an immersive audiobook. Created to make you smile, blush or keep you on the edge of your seat. Listen with headphones to immerse yourself fully! This show is for mature audiences only. New chapter every Tuesday.
A podcast for women who love women.
Bitch Media is a feminist response to pop culture, home to whip-smart writers, artists, and activists who analyze popular media with an eye on gender, race, class, and sexuality. A new Bitch podcast comes out every Thursday: Popaganda is a 45-minute in-depth exploration of themes ranging from stand-up comedy to sex work and Backtalk is our quick, fun conversation about the week in pop culture.
Linoleum Knife
They're married, they're movie critics, and they have opinions. Join Dave White ( and Alonso Duralde (TheWrap, What the Flick?!) for a weekly discussion of cinema and random stuff. Lots of random stuff.
Lez Be Honest
A Podcast for Lesbians Just Starting Out.
Join a team of transgender and intersex podcasters as they discuss topics relevant to the transgender and LGBTQ community. Transition Transmission is a podcast by and for trans, queer, non-binary, and questioning individuals.
Strange Fruit
Musings on politics, pop culture and black gay life. Each week, Dr. Kaila Story and Jaison Gardiner have a candid discussion on issues surrounding sexuality, race and our culture at large.
Sexy Conversations, Sound Advice & Saucy Rants from Dr. Timaree Schmit PhD
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Dave and Alonso do some post-vacation catching up while also trying to figure out how to work their brand-new laptop. Patience. Follow us @linoleumcast on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, leave us a five-star review (and subscribe) on Apple Podcasts, come as you are or don't come at all. Join our club, won't you? Dave's DVD pick of the week: WI ...…
As we get into the swing of temporary monthly episodes, let's learn about one of the first openly gay transgender men: Lou Sullivan! Roundtable: Advice for LGBT Students Music: "So Far So Good" by Jonathan Coulton Research Lead: Adrian
In this week's headlines:• An Oklahoma school district shut down after parents of students threatened violence on a transgender 5th grader• That anti-gay Colorado baker is at it again - this time denying a cake to a trans woman• Smart guy Matt Baume reminds us when 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' went gay for just one episode (Watch Matt break it d ...…
Nathan Postlethwait is an extraordinary man, and today you’re going to learn why. Nathan reached out to me a few weeks ago in hopes that he would be able to tell his story on the show. He recently released a blog called The Other Side of Saved that is unexpectedly touching so many people. Nathan is finding that as he opens his life up to the wo ...…
When a young transgender person becomes an activist --- does that make them immune to the hate of the general population? Are transgender kids safe even in schools that are not particularly welcoming? The answer to those questions appear to be a resounding “NO”. A young teen activist loses his life, as a 12year old is terrorized by adults whose ...…
We talk about Pride 48, Izel’s emergency surgery, and Adam IS #1 Dog Dad. Call us: – #863.666.0377 Email us – Twitter – Follow us: – @foulmonkeys Like our Fan Page on Facebook!!! Check out Ricky’s Etsy Store: BromeroCards Ricky’s Crafting YouTube Videos: BromeroCards
Pro wrestling hasn’t been the kindest entertainment industry for women. Relegated to Playboy-sponsored pillow fight matches or mud wrestling, women wrestlers didn’t get to shine for their athleticism or fighting prowess very often until Chyna came around in the late 90s. Her storylines were pretty meta, with male wrestlers and announcers who qu ...…
A day late and a dollar short, be prepared to be very underwhelmed by this episode. Julie & Brandy have been on a cleanse and off alcohol for 2 weeks, but that doesn't mean they have their sh*t together. They considered not even bothering with this week at all, but crazy-ass Omorosa Manigault Newman saved the day with her secret White House tap ...…
The panelists are Jeff Mann, Cynthia Burack, Jeff Edmondson, and host Elizabeth Andersen. Elizabeth knew she had to have Jeff Mann on the show when she heard Dorothy Allison and Jeff on a panel at the Saints and Sinners Literary … The post Sandra Moran Book Club-Jeff Mann appeared first on .
I got caught looking at porn on the plane! I AM SO ANNOYED!By
Do you want a good life? You need a whole and intact soul for that. A soul that can live the life you were meant for now, before you die. You need Soul Care. And to care for your soul, it helps to know for starters, that the language of the soul is energy, feminine and masculine energy. Show notes with pictures :) at ...…
Louise’s new plan to prove the rebels are misleading them is undermined by…a pink elephant. Help keep this podcast going! Your contributions are vital to keeping this podcast going. Protect The Lesbian Romantic with your support today! Support The Lesbian Romantic Share the podcast with your friends! If ...…
Katherine V. Forrest is featured on the Sandra Moran Radio Book Club, with author/humorist Fay Jacobs and host Elizabeth Andersen as panelists. Katherine is the author of such groundbreaking romances as Curious WIne and An Emergence of Green, as well … The post Sandra Moran Book Club-Katherine V. Forrest appeared first on .…
Reverend Beverly Dale returns to the show to talk with Dr. Timaree about tolerant, pro-sexuality, pro-LGBTQ Christianity.
This week, Dahlia and Amy dig into the trolling of writer and lawyer Sarah Jeong with accusations of racism against white people. Jeong was recently hired to the New York Times editorial board when conservative trolls dug up tweets where she mocked white folks with the likes of #CancelWhitePeople. It’s too bad that punching up with bad jokes ab ...…
It's the one year anniversary of the DGP Patreon podcast and Julie & Brandy are making everyone suffer! First, they treat you to a looooooooong list of shout outs and gifts, and then later, they read a long ass email from a Patreon Fran. They do manage to talk about about Trump, Lebron, Don Jr.,Russia and Alex Jones- but it's sandwiched in the ...…
What is going on?By
Soul: the aspect of you that feels gender, and is a reflection and connection with the Divine, with Spirit. Care: cultivating, tending, caring about. Show notes: with pictures and other stuff :) Get our beautiful email: Join Life Club: ...…
Help keep this podcast going! Your contributions are vital to keeping this podcast going. Protect The Lesbian Romantic with your support today! Support The Lesbian Romantic Share the podcast with your friends! If you like this podcast and think someone else would too, please share it! This page makes it easy: Share the podcast with your friends ...…
Dr. Timaree talks polyamory with the delightful Kitty Chambliss, touching on polycules, jealousy, and a host of other related topic,s including her site Loving Without Boundaries (.com)
Adam loses his Tumblr account; we break down Robyn’s new song and Ricky’s boring song.
I have just given up today! So sorry.By
“Brody Ray took the "America's Got Talent" stage during Tuesday's episode ready to share a piece of himself. The Nebraska native who sang Jordan Smith's "Stand in the Light," explained to the judges that the lyrics mirrored his own life. Elaborating on his "struggles and battles," Ray explained, "I actually was born female. I'm transgender."Ray ...…
As we go into the 2018 midterm election season, we’ve got a lot of unknowns to think about. What can we expect to change this time around? Will there be more political upsets, like we’ve seen during the Democratic primaries in New York with the ascendancy of first-timer Alexandria Ocasio Cortez? One thing’s for sure: this year, more women, espe ...…
Emotions (and alcohol) have been running high, so Julie & Brandy took a "personal day" before sh*tting out this episode. They gloss over Paul Manifort's first day in court, rip Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg a new a$$hole, and Julie goes IN on a very jizzy So There's That. And oh yeah, former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer wrote a book tha ...…
Why am I obsessed with collecting expensive shitty bits of plastic?By
We're not saying that you should always try to control your feelings, but for those times that you want to take back a little control...we have fun talking about how we relate to this topic. The story involves a Lionel Richie concert, with special guest Mariah Carey. Show notes at Join Life ...…
Louise is not sure which is worse: her ghosts from the past or the butterflies she feels when she's near her enemy. Enjoy this podcast? Protect it! Your contributions are vital to keeping this podcast going. Protect The Lesbian Romantic with your support today! Support The Lesbian Romantic Share the podcast with your friends! If you like this p ...…
We talk about the weather, Nightmare on Elm Street, and NOLA 18 bitch. Call us: – #863.666.0377 Email us – Twitter – Follow us: – @foulmonkeys Like our Fan Page on Facebook!!! Check out Ricky’s Etsy Store: BromeroCards Ricky’s Crafting YouTube Videos: BromeroCards
Dr. Timaree is joined by Shadeen Francis to talk about sex, play games, share stories and more LIVE at The 2018 Philadelphia Podcast Festival.
In this week's headlines:• A homeless gay teen becomes valedictorian of his class. Head to to contribute to his college fund.• Puerto Rico now allows transgender folks to change the gender on their birth certificates.• The hit TV series 'Riverdale' is getting a gay romance.• 'Supergirl' will have television's f ...…
Dave and Alonso contend with Twitter film snobs and wonder if a mustache can be a performance. Subscribe (and review us) at Apple Podcasts, follow us @linoleumcast on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and I have been waiting. Join our club, won't you? Dave's DVD pick of the week: THE LATE GREAT PLANET EARTH Alonso's DVD pick of the week: MISSION ...…
I take a bunch of shitty Buzzfeed quizes!By
Today , influential anti-LGBTQ leaders met in Washington DC, at the Museum of the Bible, as part of a 5-day International Religious Freedom Ministerial. Their focus was attacking LGBTQ kids and family rights under the guise of exercising what they called “parental rights.” Their strategies include support of ex-gay conversion therapy and opposi ...…
Video Podcast! That’s right, today’s episode is in video form! From time to time we want to bring you authentic and raw footage of Kevin Gerdes having sit-down conversations with people who identify as LGBTQ, and our allies. Today Kevin headed out to The Menlo House in Los Angeles, CA where he met two of their employees, Cruz and Dimitri. Their ...…
This week, Dahlia and Amy dig into Hannah Gadsby’s tremendous, heartbreaking, and honest Nanette. Gadsby’s Netflix special gives us insight into what it means to to tell one’s story to wide acceptance—at one’s own expense. Using comedy as an example, Gadsby asks: Is it enough to be in control of our own narratives and art if we’re still creatin ...…
I buy a sex toy (or two) on this podcast...what do I get? IT'S SO GOOD...hopefully!By
Another knock on the door early in the morning complicates things even further for Louise. Your contributions are vital to keeping this podcast going. Protect The Lesbian Romantic with your support today! Support The Lesbian Romantic The Lesbian Romantic is a listener-supported podcast This podcast is free and has no intrusive ads. Your contrib ...…
Emotions – what we experience as instinctual animal reflex (eg: fear) Feelings – the experience we have because of how we interpret events, emotions, and circumstances (eg: worry) Just because you feel something doesn't mean you need to amplify it. Feelings can further – or – hinder our strength, health, and progress. So it's wise to at least p ...…
Julie & Brandy take the Pacific Northwest by storm, after traveling 850 miles to record the podcast live in Portland. The audience (which consisted of 4 fans and 121 day-pass holders to the Portland Queer Comedy Festival) were simultaneously disturbed and curious, but the girls didn't let that get them down. They start the show by breaking down ...…
Part 3 – Dr. Timaree concludes her trip to Las Vegas for BHoF 2018! Hear interviews from amazing performers and select portions from presentations given that weekend.
LA is weird, Mariah and Drake, and we do some music. Call us: – #863.666.0377 Email us – Twitter – Follow us: – @foulmonkeys Like our Fan Page on Facebook!!! Check out Ricky’s Etsy Store: BromeroCards Ricky’s Crafting YouTube Videos: BromeroCards
Dave and Alonso remember Jonathan Gold and consider a Vertigo/La Belle et la Bête sequel-crossover. Subscribe (and review us) at Apple Podcasts, follow us @linoleumcast at Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and then we'd be happy. Join our club, won't you? Dave's DVD pick of the week: SHOES Alonso's DVD pick of the week: BUDDIES…
Dave and Alonso were going to do a whole catch-up episode to celebrate the repair of Alonso's laptop, but they wound up eating almost an entire hour on the ABBA sequel alone. So the catch-up will be caught-up soon. Subscribe (and review us) on Apple Podcasts, follow us @linoleumcast on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, I just couldn't help it. J ...…
Based on interviews with transgender kids and their parents, Ann Travers offers us a rare look into what it is like to grow up as a trans child. We will talk to Ann about options for kids' own gender self-determination, questioning the sex bianary and find out what ways that cultural and material resources can be redistributed more equitably. A ...…
The Internet, which connects us to each other in ways that were pretty unimaginable to most people a century ago, has become a totally casual part of daily life. It’s changed so much: from the way we do business to the way we unlock our front doors. But it’s also changed the way we see ourselves and our relationships to other people. We live in ...…
In the first episode for our new temporary monthly schedule, we wrap up our discussion on Pride, the history of Stonewall, and how Pride has changed over the past 49 years. Roundtable: Pride Then Vs. Now Music: "So Far So Good" by Jonathan Coulton
Adam is late, using 911 as a customer service number, and we answer some questions. Call us: – #863.666.0377 Email us – Twitter – Follow us: – @foulmonkeys Like our Fan Page on Facebook!!! Check out Ricky’s Etsy Store: BromeroCards Ricky’s Crafting YouTube Videos: BromeroCards
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