Online vs. Brick and Mortar Retail with Clobber Calm (S01E14)


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In this episode, Jake and Thomas are joined by Ben Woodhouse aka @clobbercalm. You'll find the show notes for the episode here: Ben has built a name for himself in the world of raw denim and heritage style with his Instagram account, which at the time of recording has over 77k followers. His success on Instagram lead him to start a blog, the ClobberCast podcast, and eventually open the Clobber Calm Supply Co at the end of 2017. The store was doing quite well which made it even more of a shock when Ben announced on February 28 this year that he had decided to close the store. Throughout the first half of this episode, we talk to Ben about why he decided to close his store. And what he's up to next. Because Clobber Calm is certainly not going away! After that, we get into a discussion of online vs. brick and mortar retail, based on a question that our first guest on the show, Ben Viapiana, asked in episode #10.

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