What We Look For in a Pair of Jeans (S01E02)


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In the second episode of The Denim & Boots Podcast, Jake and Thomas talk about the features and details they each look for in a pair of jeans. They first talk about how the way denim fades is important, which leads them to touch upon how that's influenced by how the denim is made. Next, they turn to how the jeans fit, which they both agree is an essential part of getting a good pair of jeans. And lastly, they talk about the details they specifically enjoy in a pair, such as the pockets. The episode also introduced the news section of the podcast where Jake and Thomas discuss recent and relevant news from the denim and boots industry as well personal updates about the two hosts. In this episode, they discuss the closing of the Clobber Calm store, and Jake some shares a few insights about some new boots he's getting.

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