The Origins of Heritage Style with Nick Clements of Men's File (S02E01)


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In this episode of The Denim & Boots Podcast's season 2, Thomas talks to Nick Clements, the founder of Men's File. Useful links: Men's File's website: Men's File on Instagram: Buy magazines: Episode show notes: INSERT LINK Nick has been photographing 'revival style' since the 1970s, and he's studied the subcultures surrounding it since its very beginning. In 2005, he published the book Simulacra, which eventually led him to launch Men's File. Nick has been part of the heritage style scene since its very beginning in the 70s and 80s, long before it infiltrated more mainstream fashion. He's witnessed and documented Japan's role in this scene ever since it slowly started influencing the West in the late 80s. And he's been going to Japan since the early 90s. In this interview, Nick shares his experiences with heritage styles over the past four decades.

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