Why Tellason Chose ‘Made in Japan’ After White Oak Closed (S02E03)


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In this episode of the podcast, Thomas talks to Pete and Tony from Tellason about choosing 'made in Japan' denim after White Oak closed. You'll find the show notes for the episode here: https://www.denimhunters.com/podcast-tellason/ The all-American jeans-focused brand that’s based in San Francisco turned 10 this year. They were Cone Denim White Oak’s 4th biggest client till the very end. Now, their jeans are made from Japanese denim. Pete and Tony talk about what it was like being forced to find another fabric supplier, and why they chose Japan. You can follow Tellason on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tellason/ You can buy their jeans (and all their other great stuff) from their website: http://www.tellason.com/

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