E22: How the Tinkering School is Putting Experience First to Redefine Online Learning with Gever Tulley


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Ever heard of a global academic community? You may soon enough if the Tinkering School has anything to say about it. David sits down with Tinkering School Founder Gever Tulley, and the Tinkering School Volunteer Space Agency (VSA) - a student group formed by Tinkering School students and alumni - to talk about how they transformed a classroom into a Mars lava tube, built web-controlled rovers, and now are opening their online doors to facilitate "Mars Missions" for schools from around the world.

The Tinkering School Volunteer Space Agency (VSA) is comprised of Gever Tulley, Sylvia Hoyt, Owen Zoyt, Jack Meadow, and Karen Dwyer-Meadow. You can learn more about the Mars Mission, and sign your school up, here: https://www.tinkeringschool.com/mars.

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